söndag 10 augusti 2008

Den mjuka mjuka mulen

Älgmulen. Vill du inte bara pussa på den? Och säg ordet mule och lyssna när du säger det, ett så fint och mjukt ord som ligger så skönt i munnen.

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Guely of Sweden sa...

Animals have the innocence we lost who knows when.
We may never find life outside our blue Earth (maybe for better). Because we have already have our brothers here. We been sharing the planet for so long with them. And, hopefully, some of them will still living here when we won't. Some of us love animals as individuals (like you do your cats). But we can love them as species, as a grup. The thing is being able to have that sensibility that don't let us shot one. Mule: yes a soft word. A peacefull one, an innocent one (perhaps because i know the meaning too). Same reason why I hate: "Hunt".